Feb 16, 2023
Feb 19, 2023

Puppet Slam 2023

Curated by Jane Catherine Shaw

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La MaMa Puppet Slam returns this year with new short works of genius! These condensed works of puppetry are original, compelling, brilliant, witty, tragic, funny, stunning, startling, ironic, exotic, political, lyrical, musical, beautiful, intellectual, experimental, wild...and always demonstrate genius in a matter of minutes!

Rain Sounds for Sleeping
Amanda Card and Clayton Landiss

Cabot Parsons

The Autopsy of Lambchop Suey (Part One)
Mery Y.Y. Cheung

Spica Wobbe, Margaret Yuen

Dreams of Peace
Katya Popova and Natasha Mirny (2 nights only)

Katherine Fahey (puppetry by Dan Van Allen)

(A Slice of) “Adventure Pizza” for Monsterface Industries
Marty Allen, Dan Brennan, and Leigh Walter

The Dandelion’s Wish
Fatima Sambo Schoenfelder

Self Portraits In Two Parts:
Part One: Chatter    
Michelle Frick
Part Two: LOOK
Karen Sandoval

Evolve Puppets

Documentary: Illaria Comiso Puppet Designer and Maker Extraordinaire

An excerpt from Grand Panorama by Theodora Skipitares

Puppeteer and theatre artist Jane Catherine Shaw is a passionate creator, director, designer, writer, curator and educator. Ms. Shaw was co-founder and co-curator of the VOICE 4 VISION PUPPET FESTIVAL, a festival that was devoted to presenting New York artists making work for puppetry.

The 2023 La MaMa Puppet Slam is generously supported by

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