7 Blowjobs

The office of a Republican senator is mailed 7 photos of what look like blowjobs (or is it a borzoi...a pekingese...the pope?...who can tell). All hell breaks loose.

In Mac Wellman’s hysterical political satire, the inherent contradictions of far-right political ideologies are brought to the fore with side-splitting clarity. Wellman’s twisting, circular, extra-sensical language and penchant for the ridiculous are brilliantly adapted to the self-righteous and nonsensical rhetoric of contemporary political non-speak. Using humor to cut to the heart of a quintessential American bigotry, Wellman exposes the bumbling cluelessness and astonishing prejudice of those who stumble into power in American politics: the 'Hare-brained Horsemen of our Contemporary Cornball Apocalypse.' Reimagined as a Zoom-call-gone-wrong, The Goat Exchange brings Wellman’s ingenious take on American political ideology into the 21st century, where it feels even more timely and terrifyingly true to life.

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