Dec 8, 2022
Dec 18, 2022


La MaMa's Great Jones Repertory Company

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nauageo (wreck) is a performance series of short plays by Erik Ehn, oriented by the writings of St. Paul. The intergenerational, intercultural, and interdisciplinary Great Jones Rep Co takes on St. Paul as a challenging conversational partner in a series of site-specific performances, installations, and live and digital works. nauageo focuses on perseverance through suffering — including the suffering-through of activist plans based on love’s ideals. The various projects, primarily, directed, designed, and performed by members of La MaMa's only repertory company will serve as a shipwreck and constellation surrounding Ehn's The Weak and The Strong (based on the letter to the Romans), directed by Glory Kadigan and running at La MaMa's Downstairs Theater from Dec 8–18th. Video and audio installations will be available before performances and live, short works will be presented as post-show events 12/15–17. See schedule below.


DEC 8–18

Real Widow Unapproachable Light
Created by Kim Ima/Allison Hiroto

DEC 15–18

Against Usefulness (toward love)
Directed by Yael Haskal
Featuring: Arthur Adair, Mattie Barber-Bockelman, Sheree V Campbell, Peter Case, maura nguyễn donohue, John Maria Gutierrez

Flexible Flier
Directed by Peter Case
Featuring: Sheree V Campbell, maura nguyễn donohue, John Gutierrez, Yael Haskal, eugene the poogene

Directed by Prisca Ouya
Featuring: Vincent Mikouiza, Muleck Mikouiza, Axell Lylo, Sansi, Feryck Yabouna, Allegra Mpalath, Grady Batantou, Vincent Mikouiza, Anna Malonga, David Tsiolo, Romelly Banzouzi, Anaël Bonazebi, Prince Miere, Sony Nguetoumeni, Hod Gampoula, Mirta Mayindou

Salt Angel
Directed by Kim Savarino
Featuring: Mattie Barber-Bockelman, Peter Case, Prisca Ouya, Kim Savarino, Zishan Ugurlu


(December 15)

Directed by John Maria Gutierrez
Featuring: Billy Clark, maura nguyễn donohue, Cary Gant, John Maria Gutierrez, Kim Savarino

Clay (song)
(December 15–17)
Performed by Sheree V Campbell & Kat Yew

(December 17)
Directed by Glory Kadigan
Featuring: Michael Gant, Kim Ima, Mary Monahan, eugene the poogene, Kat Yew, Sheree V Campbell

Painting by C. Finley, PISCES - The Channel of Inspiration (Full-Bed) (2016)

Producers for Great Jones Rep: maura nguyen donohue, Yael Haskal, eugene the poogene

GREAT JONES REPERTORY is an Obie-winning company known for their experimental productions of Greek tragedies and contemporary work that employ classical elements, unique visual design, performance styles, world music, and movement. Started in 1972 by Ellen Stewart, Andrei Serban, and Elizabeth Swados. Great Jones Rep is an inter-generational, culturally-diverse ensemble of artists, performers, designers, and musicians.

nauageo is made possible in part with public funds from Creative Engagement, a regrant program supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and administered by LMCC.

Great Jones Repertory Company


La MaMa’s Great Jones Repertory Company (GJRC) is an intergenerational ensemble of diverse artists, pioneering new forms of storytelling through radical physicality, voice, and movement.

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