Nov 29, 2018
Dec 9, 2018

Zombie Asian Moms

“Scathing wit and poignance. A bracingly funny performance platter of song, stand-up and tragicomic sketches.”
-Huffington Post

Comedy by Kate Rigg
Music by Slanty Eyed Mama

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Tiger Moms! Embarrassing fanny pack moms! Warrior with a wok moms!  Join iconic Amerasian duo Slanty Eyed Mama for a mashup of comedy, electric violin, punk rock spoken word and video exploring the haunting lore of Asian Mom-ness. Zombie Asian Moms is a multimedia mashup of killer electric violin, punk-ish spoken word, comedy, songs, storytelling, and video installation.  And mom zombies.

Culled from oral history interviews with live Asian Moms, a combined 80 years of experience with undead brain waves from of our own Asian moms, and Asian moms in popular culture, this show is for everyone curious to find universal truths about crazy mom-dom.

Design by Leda RazorIkon Resurreccion
Undead Solipsisms by Asian Mom Zombies

Slanty Eyed Mama is two good Asian girls gone bad-assed.  While students at the Julliard School Violin virtuoso turned electric violin legend Lyris Hung and actor/comedian Kate Siahaan Rigg created Slanty Eyed Mama to bring a new Amerasian voice to popular culture through comedy, rap, spoken work and rock.

Slanty Eyed Mama quickly gained a National following headlining the Asian Pacific Islander Fest in NYC, the PBS special ‘Race is the Place’, and National Conferences of Asian American Students at colleges across the country (ECAASU, NAASC). They are favorites at new music conferences (Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago), alternative music fests and benefits (Pridefest, LA Grand Performances), women’s music festivals (Michigan, Girlfest Hawaii) and alt-culture venues like the Chicago Museum of Modern Art and The Perth International Art Festival. They have been invited to perform and speak twice at the Smithsonian Institute, featured on LOGO TV and Comedy Central,  won numerous awards for their music videos and most recently the film of their live show “Happy Lucky Golden Tofu Panda Dragon Good Time Fun Fun Show” which had its world premiere at La Mama in 2015.

Find out more on their website!

Photos by Helen Tansey

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“Slanty Eyed Mama Takes on Asian American Stereotypes
Through Comedy and Punk Rock!”

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“The Zombie Asian Moms Are Coming to NYC and They Are Hilarious”

“Stunning: dense, multi-layered, surreal imagery interlocks perfectly with ferociously distorted, nasty, searing violin work, a killer combination of words, music and noise.”
-Anchorage Daily News

“A fast-paced evening is that manages to slam stereotypes and point out the prejudices and culture clashes confronting Asian-Americans every day. This team’s outrageous political and racial humor is too good to be missed.”
-Boston Globe

“A bold, daring fun crazy voice that expresses our joy our rage our piece of the American Dream”
-East West Woman

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