Jan 8, 2016
Jan 31, 2016

La Galleria: Unwelcome Guest

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La MaMa Galleria is pleased to present Unwelcome Guest, the first solo show of New York-based artist Zach Bruder. These new works riff variously on still lives, figuration, and landscape, employing a bold, graphic sensibility in portraying aspects of Americana: its domestic architecture, its art history, its myths. As reinterpretations of traditional painterly genres, the works explore each subject as a recursive entity that sprawls outwards or collapses into itself.Unwelcome Guest, as a title, refers to this transitory nature of American life, where both images and people are swept up in their own rise and fall. In a complementary fashion, the title also refers to its function as a backdrop for a series of performances, with a group of artists invited to perform works around the exhibition’s themes of repetition and circularity.

Again! Again! Again! – Sunday, January 31st at 5pm in La MaMa Galleria

Again! Again! Again! – performances by Sophia Le Fraga, maybe (Isaac Pool & Jessica Posner), Sara Grace Powell

Presented in conjunction with Zach Bruder: Unwelcome Guest

With the support of NYPAC

For this evening of performance, artists are invited to perform works that play with reiteration, rehearsal, or restaging. Repetition does not always aim to produce an identical outcome. When it does, it may betray a habit, a compulsion, or a sign of madness. In a performance context, repetition is often concerned with improvement: to develop a work in progress, or to salvage a prior failure. Again! Again! Again! is a loose arrangement of performances that repeat internally or across presentations; an invitation to explore the poetic or political possibilities of saying something insistently, once more.

Zach Bruder was born in 1984 and lives and works in New York. Recent exhibitions include We agreed the paler tones would make a more subtle statement, curated by Dmitry Komis for Ida Schmid (Brooklyn, NY); Salon Society Edition 2, curated by Fabiola Alondra for Salon Society (Brooklyn, NY);Drift and Pop, curated by Olivia Smith for Orgy Park (Brooklyn, NY); There is no Fact of the Matter as to Whether or not P at 247365 (New York, NY), and Object of Magic, curated by Eneas Capalbo for Moiety (Brooklyn, NY). Bruder received his BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006.

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Founded in 1984, La Galleria is a nonprofit gallery committed to nurturing experimentation in the visual arts. La Galleria encourages an active dialogue between new media, performance, the plastic and visual arts, curatorial projects, and educational initiatives. It serves the East Village community by offering diverse programming to an inter-generational audience, and expanding the parameters of a traditional gallery space. As a non-profit, La Galleria is able to provide artists and curators with unique exhibition opportunities that are largely out of reach in a commercial gallery setting.

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