Dec 7, 2019

Coffehouse Chronicles #156: The Women of Trojan Women

Moderated by Anne Bogart
Part of the Trojan Women Project Festival

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Coffeehouse Chronicles #156: The Women of Trojan Women will focus on the female characters and roles in the critically acclaimed show The Trojan Women created by Andrei Serbian, Liz Swados and the Great Jones Repertory Company back in 1974. The story is 2500 years old but its themes war, displacement, violence against women and children, and genocide continue to be relevant. The Trojan Women use several ancient languages such as Ancient Greek,Navajo and Aztec. The language transported through sounds, music and physical gestures. This program will feature live performances by The Great Jones Repertory Company.

Panelists include the original cast members:
Priscilla Smith, Onni Johnson, Valois Mickens, Neal Harris and Maud Dinand
with women from Cambodia, Kosovo and Guatemala from The Trojan Women Project

Coffeehouse Chronicles


Coffeehouse Chronicles is an educational performance series exploring the history of Off-Off-Broadway. Part artist-portrait, part history lesson, and part community forum, Coffeehouse Chronicles take an intimate look at the development of downtown theatre, from the 1960s’ “Coffeehouse Theatres” through today.

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