Jan 6, 2023
Jan 22, 2023

The Indigo Room

La MaMa in association with The Public Theater's Under the Radar Festival Presents

The Indigo Room

Created by Timothy White Eagle and The Violet Triangle

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The Indigo Room is an immersive ritualistic theater and installation work by Timothy White Eagle and The Violet Triangle. The artists explore the universal myth of a hero being swallowed alive and then returned by taking a deep collective journey through grief and connection toward new mythologies. 

Juxtaposing the profane with the sacred, this experiential work transforms the building, moving from a vibrant chaotic carnival, across guarded thresholds and into the belly of the whale, hallowed theatrical space. Elemental and meditative, with a touch of divine magic, audiences are invited into new considerations and possibilities as we emerge from isolation.

Photo by Dick Mitchell

Timothy White Eagle - co-creator, lead performer, production designer
Paul Budraitis - co-creator and performer
HATLO - co-creator, performer and stage manager
Crystal Cortez - sound design
Nic Vincent - lighting design
Judas Kane - company manager
Clare Hatlo - line producer

Timothy White Eagle is a mixed race visual and performance artist trained in traditional ritual and embodiment practice. Mediums include photography, performance and installed space. Recipient of WAA/Advancing Indigenous Performance award in 2019, Seattle City Artist award in 2020 and 2022 Timothy toured as an artistic director with Taylor Mac on his Pulitzer Prize finalist “A 24 Decade History…”.

The Violet Triangle is

Paul Budraitis: a director, performer, teacher, and generative artist, based in Berlin.

HATLO: a Seattle-based generative collaborator who supports the development of new performance experiments.

John Kendall Wilson: a professor emeritus of the history and theory of theater and performance. 

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