Apr 14, 2022
Apr 16, 2022

Tiffany Mills Company: Homing

Tiffany Mills Company

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Tiffany Mills Company presents the world premiere of Homing, a dance-theater work inspired by the wealth of experiences that shape and bind us in our homes, as part of Tiffany Mills Company's 20th anniversary season celebration.

Homing is an evening-length dance-theater work inspired by one word: home. Mills and her collaborators take a close look at their relationships to the places in which they live. They draw upon memories of their diverse childhood homes—some stable and constant, some mobile and unpredictable. And, they source material from their present homes, impacted by the isolation of COVID and inspired by the current fight for equity and equality. The movement the company explores is vibrant and individualized, as its members attempt to expand past their own physical and psychological walls. With references to The Wizard of Oz, TV sitcoms and commercials, the performers navigate the fantasy of media, juxtaposed against their own family histories, as they search for the true essence of home.

Photos by Robert Altman

Conceived and choreographed by Tiffany Mills with artistic contributions from the Company
Performed by Tiffany Mills, Jordan Morley, Nikolas Owens, Emily Pope, and Mei Yamanaka
Music by Max Giteck Duykers
Dramaturgy by Kay Cummings
Video by Theo Cote
Costumes by Naoko Nagata
Lighting by Chris Hudacs

Tiffany Mills is choreographer and artistic director of the New York City-based Tiffany Mills Company, which she founded in 2000. Recent New York City seasons include The Flea Theater, La MaMa Moves!, and BAM Fisher. Other highlights include Guggenheim’s Works & Process, Baryshnikov Arts Center, and Lincoln Center Out of Doors. The company’s work has also been presented nationally at PICA’s TBA Festival (OR), Wexner Center (OH), Contemporary Dance Theater (OH), Dance Place (Washington, DC), and internationally in Russia, Italy, Mexico, and Canada. Mills has held an annual Summer Intensive in New York City since 2006. Most recent awards and residencies include NYU’s Tisch Summer Dance Festival, NCC Akron, CUNY Dance Initiative, The Joyce Theater’s Mellon Anchor Tenant Program, and Baryshnikov Arts Center. Mills received a BA in dance from the University of Oregon and an MFA in choreography from Ohio State University.

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