Mar 31, 2022
Apr 10, 2022

The Drag Seed

"Brimming with unforgettable one-liners and references to Hollywood melodramas and horror stories, The Drag Seed showcases the high camp that Cerda and company have undisputably mastered."  

— Jose Solís, NYTimes: 5 Things to Do This Weekend

Written by David Cerda
Directed by Cheryl Snodgrass
Hell in a Handbag Productions, Chicago

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Carson is a perfect little boy who likes to dress like the perfect little girl and they’re deadly serious about crowns, gowns and pronouns. Carson’s mother, Connie loves and accepts her child, Carson—but wishes Carson they weren’t so competitive. Carson always gets what they want, and they really want to win the drag pageant at their very progressive school—The Josephine Baker Rainbow Academy for Gifted Students. When Carson loses to Summer Breeze, they vow to get that crown—one way or another.

Photos by Rick Aguilar Studios

Now in it’s 20th year, Hell in a Handbag Productions is the only theater group in Chicago dedicated to the celebration of camp, parody, and the ridiculous.

Playwright: David Cerda
Director: Cheryl Snodgrass

Cast (in alphabetical order): Kelly Anchors (Lee the Janitor), David Cerda (Miss Charles), Sydney Genco (Jen Fritata), Ed Jones* (Connie Lingus), Elizabeth Lesinski (Wendy Breeze), Patrick O’Keefe (Carson Lingus), Tyler Anthony Smith* (Summer Breeze, Sonny Breeze), and Danne W. Taylor* (Ms. Ficus)

The production team includes Lauren Nichols (scenic design), Gregory Graham (costume design), Liz Cooper (lighting design), DJ Douglass (sound design), Pamela Parker* (props design), Keith Ryan (wig design), Sydney Genco (make-up design), R & D Fight Choreography (fight choreography), Abby Teel (production manager), and Drew Donnelly (stage manager)

Photo by Rick Aguilar Studios

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