May 22, 2014
Jun 8, 2014

The Chairs

By Skysaver Productions
Conceived and Directed by Theodora Skipitares

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Loosely inspired by Ionesco’s absurdist classic, The Chairs, Theodora Skipitares creates a post-apocalyptic world in which an old woman, portrayed by a 10-foot puppet, invites guests to hear an important message about the meaning of life.   One by one, a collection of 25 chairs appears, each one a unique performing object with something important to say.  Judith Malina (of The Living Theatre) stars.

“Skipitares’ works of the last decade have a bitter humor and dreamlike brevity…..she is a possessed and clairvoyant miniaturist. “
-Village Voice

“This ‘puppet theater response’ to Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist play is by turns potent, perplexing, inspiring and weird… The stories are well chosen and edited, while the visuals (chairs dangling above the stage, uncanny lighting) and music (by Alice Tolan-Mee with Sxip Shirey) are beguiling.”

NY Times

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