Sep 27, 2023

The BOBcast: A Celebration of Life for Robert Patrick Playwright

CultureHub presents

A Celebration of Life for Robert Patrick Playwright

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Join us for an online marathon event celebrating the life and creative offerings of Robert Patrick Playwright, beloved pioneer of the Off-Off Broadway movement and most exceptional human being. The day-long celebration offers friends and fans around the world the opportunity to share in a unique virtual experience, mixing both live and pre-recorded tributes highlighting his work as playwright, poet, songwriter, and raconteur along with never-before-seen footage of Robert Patrick. The hybrid format is both in line with Robert Patrick’s prolific history and ability to rapidly produce live theatre regardless of circumstances, as well as an homage to his early use of and fascination with the internet for communication and creativity. Taking place on what would be his 86th birthday, the serendipitous timing is in line with Ellen Stewart’s request for Bob to quickly have a show “Up by Wednesday.”

The BOBcast will begin at 2pm ET online and will open to an in-person audience in the evening at La MaMa. A full schedule will be posted the week of the event, which will feature the roster of special guests and an estimated timeline. The first half of the celebration will focus on Robert’s career in NYC and early life in Texas/New Mexico, with later-hour events focused on his last 30 years in Los Angeles. There will be several open-format moments, allowing guests to join in to share brief words and recollections.

The event is being produced in NYC by La MaMa and CultureHub. There will be opportunities on the day of the event for folks to gather in person and share community space as well as virtual space.  The full program will be recorded and available to view afterward for a limited time.



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