Oct 2, 2014
Dec 21, 2014

Tempest 3: The Tide is Rising

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Three diverse, international productions of William Shakepeare’s THE TEMPEST (U.S. – Korea – Italy)

These productions form the centerpiece of our LA MAMA EARTH season. In announcing the season, Artistic Director Mia Yoo stated the LA MAMA EARTH theme materialized as a result of the up-close and personal impact of Hurricane Sandy on individuals and communities, “When former Mayor Bloomberg responded to a reporter’s question at a press conference with the simple statement, ‘The tide is rising,’ it struck such a chord with me. La MaMa is honored to have the opportunity to present an American, Korean and Italian production of Shakespeare’s bracing play, THE TEMPEST – each of which brings a unique cultural perspective to the enviromental and social crises we all face.”

All TEMPEST 3 productions will be staged in the Ellen Stewart Theatre.

The trio of TEMPESTS will be presented under the collective title “Tempest 3: The Tide is Rising,” and is comprised of the following:


October 2 – November 2

The world-premiere of a new musical adaptation entitled TEMPEST
Adapted and Directed by Karin Coonrod
Music by Elizabeth Swados

The international and intergenerational cast will feature Reg. E. Cathey (The Wire and House of Cards) as Prospero, and the 14-year-old star of Broadway’s BILLY ELLIOT, Joseph Harrington as Ariel. Director Coonrod notes similarities between Prospero’s world and ours today, noting, “Prospero re-enacts power games on an island – just as Manhattan is an island – and it is the non-human Ariel is fascinated by humanity’s power to love and reminds Prospero of his humanity. The play demonstrates a juxtaposition of time present and timelessness – hence, we will begin the play with a pendulum swinging: a signal of impending disaster and a reminder of time moving forward. A warning.” With music by La MaMa veteran composer Elizabeth Swados (LA MAMA CANTATA).

More about The Tempest


November 20-23

By Mokwha Repertory Company

The U.S. premiere of Seoul, Korea’s Mokwha Repertory Company production of THE TEMPEST, adapted and directed by Tae-Suk Oh.

Inspired by a true story from the Korean CHRONICLES OF THE THREE KINGDOMS, this TEMPEST is set in 5th century Korea and infuses Shakespeare’s text with elements of traditional Korean folklore. With music played on Korean instruments and performed in richly layered costumes, this mind-bending production explores acts of nature as they are affected by acts of betrayal, love, forgiveness and reconciliation.

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December 11-21

By Motus Theatre

Italy’s provocative and dynamic MOTUS Theatre Company explores questions of freedom, control and power in the U.S. premiere of Nella Tempesta.

Reflecting on the turmoil in our society – the impact of Hurricane Sandy, the consequences of the economic crisis and questioning of future landscapes — Nella Tempesta is created from fragments of novels by authors including: Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, Aldous Huxley as well as Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Une Tempête by Aimé Césaire. This version of THE TEMPEST imagines the play about a world not as it appears to be ending, but a world on the verge of a new beginning.

December 11-21 at the Ellen Stewart Theatre.

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Special Event

Nella Tempesta

Ongoing: Blanket Drive

Blankets play a very important part in Motus Theatre Company’s Nella Tempesta – both on stage and off.  Audiences are encouraged to bring clean blankets to the performances – They will be used in the show and then donated to a local charitable organization.

Thursday, December 11th: Opening Night Performance and Post-Show Reception

There will be a post-show reception immediately following the 8pm performance. All ticket-holders are invited.

Saturday, December 13th: Dance Party!

Following the 8pm performance, there will be a dance party in the theater and lobby.
Silvia Calderoni will DJ live. Admission is free for all ticket-holders, with a cash bar.

Sunday, December 14th: Post-Show Talkback on Global Immigration

Following the 4pm performance, there will be a dialogue with artists from Motus Theatre Company on global immigration.

Thursday, December 18th: Post-Show Talkback on Tempest 3

Following the 8pm performance, there will be a dialogue with Karin Coonrod and artist from Motus Theatre Company on La MaMa’s TEMPEST 3 project, moderated by Jessica Litwak (Theatre Without Borderes, Fulbright Specialist & La MaMa alum). Video research by Motus Theatre Company will also be presented.