Dec 12, 2023


The Trojan Women Project

Adapted for the stage from a short story by Ursula K. Le Guin

a black arrow pointing downward

Set in 1909, Sur tells the story of nine South American women who plan and complete a journey to the South Pole, three years before its “discovery” by Amundsen and his all-male crew. The women travel in secret—theirs is a radical plan, considering the constraints placed on them by society and family.  The story follows them from a Buenos Aires drawing room to the glaciers of Antarctica. They hire a ship, set up camp on the ice, haul supplies through blizzards, fight snow-blindness, and eventually reach the South Pole. Then they return to their homes. They leave no footprints.

Please join us for the first sharing of our work-in-progress of Sur. This free event will be followed by a discussion with the company — Questions and feedback will be most welcome!

Company: Mattie Barber-Bockelman, Marina Celander, Maud Dinand, Sara Galassini, Allison Hiroto, Kim Ima, Onni Johnson, and Leah Ogawa
Projection Design: Erato Tzavara
Costume Design: Gabriel Berry
Lighting Design: Federico Restrepo

Trojan Women Project


Since 2014, The Trojan Women Project has sent artists from the Great Jones Rep to communities worldwide to work with actors, musicians and designers in re-creating the music and staging of La MaMa’s groundbreaking production of The Trojan Women, directed by Andrei Serban, composed by Elizabeth Swados, and produced by Ellen Stewart in 1974.

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