Dec 8, 2014

Sign Felt! (A Show About Nothing-Ness)

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Quick Change is about life itself shifting from the plump wave of ecstatic criticality into the aging mid-career lunacy of Grizabella from Cats.

Felix Bernstein debuted on YouTube with his real and satirical Coming Out Video in 2008 and went on to play characters from Amy Winehouse to Lamb Chop to Leopold Brant. With Gabe Hoot Rubin, he directed and starred in Red Krayola’s opera Victorine at the 2012 Whitney Biennial, and co-directed the films Unchained Melody and Boyland. His first book Notes on Post-Conceptual Poetry is forthcoming from Insert Blanc Press (LA).

SIGN FELT! (a show about nothingness) is an improvisational bildungsroman for an idiot based on Goethe’s classic novel of young angst and artistic striving Wilhelm Meisters Apprenticeship.  A comic exploration of madness, despair, fugue states, word plays, the associative logic of the loony, language falling apart, the Devil in the details, quarter life crisis, the abyss.  Nothing soup will be served.  

Currently attending mime school in Philadelphia, Alexandra Tatarsky is a writer and performer from New York City.  She has lectured on the strange psalms of Russian poet Genrikh Sapgir and adapted the vignettes of Daniil Kharms for the stage.  Her solo work is inspired by ventriloquism, sacred tongues and Canal Street.  She has performed as a mound of dirt and was famous on the Internet for two days as Andy Kaufman’s daughter.

n These Animals Don’t Have Faces, movement is the medium for playing with the head’s relationship to the body.  Faces are sometimes up high and frontal (like a human) or down low and slobbery (like an animal). Sometimes a face looks out at you to say, “I’m a face” and exaggerates its dominance over the rest of the body. Movements are inspired by YouTube videos of pigs rolling in mud and playful dog fights spliced together with cartoonish girly movements. The sounds are inspired by Jewel and Chicago house music. The performance stars three very different people in costumes dancing together to embrace the cliché and embody what feels impossible.

Millie Kapp is a performance artist living and working in New York. She received her MA in Performance Studies from New York University and BA in Visual and Critical Studies from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Kapp has presented her work in Oakland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Toronto, and New York and participated in artist residencies around the US. Kapp also teaches performance-based classes and workshops and has done visiting artist lectures at Maryland Institute College of the Arts, the University of Chicago and Stony Brook College. Though her performance work is primarily dance-based, her work crosses disciplines incorporating video, sculpture and text. Kapp is also a writer and curator and has curated performance events in Chicago and New York.

Alex Schmidt (age 27 or 28, 5′ 1 3/4,” Leo) is an artist, preschool art teacher, and amateur surfer from Chicago and New York. Schmidt has fallen in love 14 times, completed a triathalon, and written (as yet) 2 very promising pages of a young-adult novel. She has presented solo art exhibitions in NY, NY; Marfa, TX; and Portland, OR. Do you have a swimming pool? Please email You can see more at

Noah Furman (artist) born 1984, Chicago, IL. Hunter college MFA expected may 2015. Works in painting, sculpture, and performance. Currently investigating death, the prone body, the floor, the unconscious, the voice, and light.

Honey McMoney is an artist.

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