Shadow of my belonging.

By Renaud Herbin

a black arrow pointing downward

“Through the physical confrontation with the puppet, a corps-a-corps of sorts, I would like to approach themes of exile, of displacement, and explore the possibility of helping the other, supporting and accompanying them…The poem and the narrator’s voice are echoed in the interaction between human and puppet, at the threshold between inanimate and animate. The mannequin embodies the shadow, the specter of an abandoned elsewhere with its places, its people, its flavors, its stories – all things that give cultures their wealth in texture. This phantom in the flesh offers something to hold on to and help orient ourselves amidst a suddenly broken lineage. A discontinuity, a break from what once belonged to us. In the shadow of our belonging.”

La MaMa Puppet Festival


The La MaMa Puppet Festival showcases new contemporary puppet theatre by artists from around the world. Curated by Denise Greber, focusing on diversifying the voices, stories, and perspectives shared onstage, with the goal of uplifting marginalized identities within the puppet community.

Special Event