Apr 8, 2021

La MaMa Kids: How to Charm a Sea Monster

A La MaMa Kids Event!

By The Gottabees

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About How to Charm a Sea Monster

Ever wondered what the bottom of the sea is like? Join Bonnie as you dive deep into an ocean in your living room, surrounded by creatures both friendly and dramatic. Hopefully, magic will prevail as we are tested to our limits by a curious Sea Monster.

This exciting ScreenPLAY episode is 30 minutes of non-stop interactive FUN, where your whole family becomes part of the story. We explore movement, puppetry, theater, and the irresistible power of being ridiculous. So, clear some space at home, jump into your ZOOM square, and get ready for imagined adventures!

How to Join the Adventure:

Get your family together—kids, grown-ups, teens, elders, pets. Anyone who wants to PLAY!

1) Find an open space or clear a room so you can move around without tripping or bumping into anything.

2) Click the top-secret Zoom link in your e-mail to join the adventure.

3) *ScreenPLAY is best experienced on a laptop!

Puppets!  Original music!  A Tiny Bit of Acrobatics!  Adventure and Invention! The Gottabees started making super fun theater for families in 2013 with the creation of Squirrel Stole My Underpants and it’s follow-up, Lollipops for Breakfast, in 2015.  They have since been selling out venues and inspiring homemade puppet shows throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.  They aim to inspire community, connection, and autonomy by providing an outlet for families to giggle, gasp, sigh, and cheer in forty-five minutes or less.

The Gottabees' stories reflect children's everyday aspirations, concerns, and emotional experiences.  Their wordless approach to storytelling removes language barriers and activates different aspects of their audience's imagination.  The result is a poetic, non­linear story that surprises audiences.

One of the things that makes members of The Gottabees happiest is when they meet children who have seen a show and parents tell them how their child acted out the entire show for weeks after seeing it.  This is the core reason why they make theater for young audiences:  The Gottabees want children to know in their hearts that they, too, can make theater wherever they are and whomever they are.

Click here for more information about event: http://www.bonnie-duncan.com/screenplay.html

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