Apr 8, 2017

La MaMa Kids: Scarf Marionette Workshop

With Jane Catherine Shaw

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Make a Roser-style scarf marionette, a family workshop! Explore your creativity together in an inter-generational puppetry workshop for ages 6 and over. Using scarf fabric, 5 balls, 4 strings and a controller made of rulers, you will create a marionette that can come to life and walk, dance, and even fly. Learn the basics of marionette manipulation and then show off your marionette in a closing group dance performance.

Jane Catherine Shaw is a longstanding La MaMa resident artist. She interweaves imaginative characters and stories to make one exciting piece of theatre for young audiences. She is the curator of La MaMa Puppet Slam.

La MaMa Kids


La MaMa Kids Online presents kids performances and hands-on workshops online, timed especially for “after school” viewing! La MaMa will continue to use emerging technologies to create a new venue for artistic expression that questions how art can function and how we as a society can survive challenging periods of history.

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