May 1, 2017

Celebrating Richard C. Martinez

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An extra special cabaret evening featuring young queer singer/songwriters Santi Veñegas, Anthony Napoletano, and singing duo Kate/Anna Band with Temi Hason.

An exhibition of paintings, sketches, theatrical flyers and posters of painter and songwriter Richard C. Martinez hangs on clotheslines in the Downstairs Theatre lobby space.  We are honored by the special participation of actor, playwright, director Jeff Weiss.  Jeff will be regaling us with master storytelling and the exuberant singing of songs by Richard C. Martinez, Richard Rodgers & Herman’s Hermits. A kind of hush will be heard all over La MaMa and East 4th Street.

Audience members are asked to bring a flashlight to the show!

Photo courtesy of Jeff Weiss

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