Nov 24, 2014

2014 ReFest Exhibitions

Presented by CultureHub

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Refest is CultureHub’s annual art and technology festival celebrating the innovative work of our dynamic community. This year we dissolve the divide between audience and artist. We are pulling the curtain back, exposing the interface, and encouraging festival-goers to participate and play with the art. At this year’s festival, you’ll see artists implement, subvert, and modify technological tools and frameworks. Refest celebrates CultureHub’s mission of connecting creators from diverse disciplines and cultures and supporting artists with an environment to collaborate, experiment, and explore.


The works exhibited in Interplay were selected from an open call seeking art exploring the themes of participation and play. Viewers are compelled to engage with the artwork, whether telling your secrets to a drone, resisting a dystopian surveillance, or exploring housing projects in Singapore. Interplay exploits game mechanics and interactive media to direct attention to social and political ideas and produce a dialogical narrative.

Featuring Nicholas Kiray, Menglong Wu, Frances Wang, Luis Hernandez Galvan, Kent Sheely, Ivaylo Getov, Sue Jeong Ka, Su Hyun Nam, Emilio Vavarella and Daniel Belquer, Ava Ansari, Yousha Bashir, INTACT, Mandy Mandelstein, Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell

Invisible View

From selfies to google maps, drones to Facebook – we are surrounded by technology that converts our lives into algorithmic data. Our faces, bodies, likes and dislikes, friends, families, and even death become a means of categorization, representation, voyeurism, and expectation. In an age when our ability to “see” each other is coded with multiple meanings (infrared imaging, facial recognition technology, race and gender profiling, social media activity) how does the act/technology/data of “seeing” impact our interaction with each other and the world around us? The Invisible View contemplates technological processes of “seeing” and its influence on representation, identity and social control.

Curated by Anna Barsan, featuring Ryan Raffa, Matt Whitman, Grayson Earle, Diva Helmy, and TechTrash



CultureHub pushes the boundaries of artistic collaboration and experimentation as an incubator for creativity focused on the intersection of art and technology. We serve local and global communities by providing an open space for creative research, artistic exchange and learning. 

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