May 11, 2020
May 12, 2020

Poetry Electric: QUAR HOVEL

By Alex Tatarsky

a black arrow pointing downward

QUAR HOVEL is an erratic & sporadic 1/2 hour tv show in which Alex Tatarsky live-streams from her bedroom, which is really just a corner where she is quarantined, a QUAR-NER, if you will…. and I will! Dances of courtly love amidst catastrophe, apocalyptic beauty techniques, and medieval crafting for the postmodern world ~ A veritable attempt at quar art, or…. QUART! Each episode features Tatarsky mediating on societal disorder through stream of consciousness experiments with song, dance, and costume. Essentially, quar-ranting.

This episode will feature live TRASH FORTUNE TELLING in which Alex throws heaps of papers in the air and then interprets the mystic meanings of garbage scraps. Please bring your queries! Your trash fortune awaits…

Called “a hilarious, finely tuned absurdist” (TheatreJones) and “an East Village relic” (Vogue), Alexandra Tatarsky performs in the unfortunate in-between zone of comedy, dance, and deluded rant. Her work often incorporates absurdist characters and improvised wordplay. It is fueled largely by anxiety. Interests include the performance of identity, humor and the abyss, self-loathing and psychoanalysis, late-capitalist despair and meaninglessness, hybridity and liminal spaces, madness, parades, and acrylic nails. Basically, how worlds and selves come together and fall apart. Tatarsky's one-woman-shows Beast of Festive Skin and Americana Psychobabble have been described as "Brecht... with a buttplug" and "like someone took acid with too much speed in it." She has recently performed at MOMA/PS1, Bronx Art Space, New Museum, The Kitchen, Dixon Place, The Brick, Maccarone, Metro Pictures/83 Pitt, US Blues, Entrance, 47 Canal and many bars. She writes on experimental language practices such as spambot poetry, multi-lingual psalms, and the shanzhai lyric for publications including The New Inquiry, Hypocrite Reader, Weekday, ArtReview Asia and Garlands. She plays "apothecary chick" on cult webseries Zhe Zhe and got famous for two days as Andy Kaufman's daughter. Alexandra Tatarsky is thrilled to be a 2016-17 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence.

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