Mar 4, 2017

La MaMa Kids: Nature-Paper-Puppets and Me!

Nature-Paper-Puppets and Me! A Puppet Storytelling Workshop with Nehprii Amenii

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Have fun turning nature into art! Using sticks, rocks, leaves, flowers, paper, and more participants will create their own self portrait…as a puppet! A workshop utilizing story-telling, visual arts, music, dance and performance as tools for sharing personal narratives, inspiring the healing process, and as a means to develop wings. Nehprii focus’ on using the arts as a vehicle of transformation, catharsis, self-exploration and empowerment.

Nehprii Amenii is a writer, puppeteer, and visual storyteller. She currently serves as creative consultant for the Alvin Ailey American Dance foundation, and also uses art to helps newly arrived immigrants share their stories! She has enjoyed over 17 years of teaching and theatre making!

Nehprii Amenii is an artist, writer, director and educator. As a theatre artist, she has a passion for both puppetry and grand-scale spectacle. She creates experiences that dismantle the wall between players and audiences aiming to enchant the imagination and inspire new ways of seeing and thinking. Nehprii is founder and Artistic Director of Khunum productions. Khunum Productions is in its early phases of development and currently serves as an umbrella company covering the vast array of her creative works ranging from publishing and arts education to event planning and theatrical performance. Nehprii currently uses multi-media arts and story telling to teach English to young immigrants within New York public schools. She holds a BA in Creative Communications, an interdisciplinary degree of Creative Writing, Studio Arts, and Mass Communications from the University of Minnesota. She holds an MFA in Theatre Production from Sarah Lawrence College.

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La MaMa Kids Online presents kids performances and hands-on workshops online, timed especially for “after school” viewing! La MaMa will continue to use emerging technologies to create a new venue for artistic expression that questions how art can function and how we as a society can survive challenging periods of history.

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