Nov 16, 2019
Nov 17, 2019

La MaMa Puppet Slam 2019

Curated by Jane Catherine Shaw

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Back by popular demand, the 2019 La MaMa Puppet Slam returns this year with NEW short works of genius!

These condensed works of puppetry are original, compelling, brilliant, witty, tragic, funny, stunning,startling, ironic, exotic, political, lyrical, musical, beautiful, intellectual, experimental, wild…. and always demonstrate genius in a matter of minutes!


Jane Catherine Shaw

Excerpt from Lunch With Sonia by Loco7 Dance Puppet Theatre Company

Asuk and Masuk by Ayhan Hulagu and Mustafa Sönmez

A Rough Pencil Sketch by PlayLab NYC

Another World is Possible: The Possible Hospital by The People’s Puppets of OWS

Dark Angels by Lee Connah

Visions of December by Evolve Puppets

Gemma’s Share by Cabot Parsons

Daydream Tutorial No. 6: How to live in your dream home by Maiko Kikuchi

Chapter 2: Cranky the Diver Meets a Kraken by Eva Lansberry / Eva Crankypants: Sub-Aquatic Suitcase Adventures

WAVE: An Incantation by Michelle Beshaw

Tetrahedron by Steven Widerman

In The Time of the Blue Ball by Ali + Lila

Natural Woman by Marte Johanne Ekhougen

The History Of Oklahoma In Three Violent Acts (Act 1 Scene 1, Hookey Miller) by Joseph Silovsky

Sophie and the Mummers (Excerpt) by New England Puppet Arts

Land Line by Vinny Mraz

The Seance Project by Cardium Mechanicum Theater

Performance on November 17th ONLY
Allimah’s Aricama Dream Song by Maria Cami

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