Oct 20, 2022
Oct 23, 2022


Kinding Sindaw

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Kinding Sindaw celebrates our 30 year anniversary !

Combining healing chant, thunderous gong, tantric movement, and foodways transmitted by Indigenous rituals, Posaka awakens all the senses in an encounter guided by authentic tradition-bearers visiting from the Southern Philippines. Joining Kinding Sindaw and its New York-based community of musicians, dancers, and martial artists living in diaspora, Posaka is a performance series that explores themes of displacement, resilience, and collective healing through ancestral arts. 

Photo by Daisy Wen

Kinding Sindaw is an NYC-based nonprofit dance theater company composed of indigenous tradition-bearers, Filipino American artists, and educators from all backgrounds founded in 1992. Kinding Sindaw exists to assert, preserve, reclaim, and re-create the traditions of dance, music, martial arts, storytelling, and orature of the indigenous peoples of Mindanao, Southern Philippines.

Founded by a Meranao Bai Labi , Tradition and Culture Bearer, Potri Ranka Manis, Kinding Sindaw recreates the oral traditions of ancestral art forms from Mindanao and is a resident company of La MaMa Experimental Theater Company. Our mission is to educate and enlighten communities about the history and cultures of the indigenous peoples of the Philippines. Through the use of indigenous music, dance and cultural art forms, we serve as an important educational and cultural resource in New York City. We aim to promote the advocacy for indigenous peoples, as well as increase awareness of universal themes that are part of the human experience. The range of our programs also integrates the health benefits of the ancestral movements that we show and teach to our audiences. Through these cultural art forms, we advocate for the preservation of natural resources that are the livelihood of the Indigenous peoples. Wellness and healing rituals are also embodied in the repertoire of Kinding Sindaw to increase health and healing awareness of participants and audiences.

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