Dec 9, 2015

Political Snorts 2015

Director: Elizabeth Swados
Musical Director: Trevor Bachman
Photography: Koh Terai

a black arrow pointing downward

Come join us for satirical renditions of this crazy world we live in. We’ve got funnies about the American primaries, the Trump frenzy and anti-establishment, the refugee crisis, climate change and much more!

We’ve been working all semester towards peace and harmony in the world, and figured we might as well start with a show. So here it is! And you better be there! That way we can “influence you” and get closer to “making a difference,” or whatever the kids are doing these days. #activism2k15


Your Favorite “Change Makers”

Ellie Bell
Oliver Benjoseph
Emily Erickson
Cassidy Dawn Graves
Amy King
Juliet Layne
Fatima Maan
Kat Newquist
Eduardo Olmos Morales
Guillaume Sylvain
Alfredo Trueba
Leanne Velednitsky
Luke Winter

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Special Event