Dec 4, 2022

PAIN♀2POWER: NYC Collaborative Mural Project

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Developed during Netflix star Julia Haart’s monthly 'Feminist roundtable,' and led by master mural painter C. Finley,  join us for a day of Art and Activism centered on the creation of a large scale mural on the wallsof NYC arts institution, La Mama ETC.  Hundreds of women will come together to create a collage of 'Story Stars,' encapsulating their personal journeys from oppression to empowerment inside a beautiful mural of Lady Justice. In the wake of the DOBBS decision overturning Roe V Wade and the women led revolution in Iran, catalyzed by Mahsa Amini’s death, it is a crucial time for women to come together in community and spread messages of resistance.


2pm Gathering: Live DJ, refreshments, make your Story Star (See How Page)
2:30pm Star Formation:
Inspiring music and storytelling from performers and Special Guests
3pm Star Ceremony:
Share our "Star Stories" and official launch of the work
A powerful performance by AnonymousTheatreNYC in support of women-led revolution in Iran
4pm Star Placement:
Mural Artists will add all the Story Stars to the mural to create a living work of art and dedication by Julia Haart

Click HERE to RSVP to download your Story Star, along with instructions about how to complete it. Alternatively, you can attend the event in person, where materials will be provided.

Please go to for more information and downloadable instructions.

ABOUT C. FINLEY: C. Finley, Founder and Curator of the Every Woman Biennial and director of the La MaMa Galleria, is known for her elaborate paintings and intense use of color, monumental murals, multi-disciplinary collaborations, and her activism through urban art interventions, including her acclaimed Wallpapered Dumpsters. As the creator of the 2014-2021 Every Woman Biennial, she exhibited 1,200 female and non-binary artists in New York, Los Angeles, and London. Finley has shown internationally and her work has been featured in the The New York Times, La Repubblica, Dazed, Fast Company, Women’s Wear Daily, LALA, and more. Contact: @iamfinley

ABOUT LA MAMA: Founded in 1961 by Ellen Stewart, La MaMa is a home for artists of all identities, races, ages, and cultures. At La MaMa, artists are provided the space, support, and creative freedom to explore new forms of expression and to make new work. La MaMa believes art is a force for change. Violence, discrimination, and systemic racism will not stop without a unified resistance. La MaMa is committed to battling bigotry and intolerance in all its forms, and to providing inclusive spaces for our local, national, and global community.

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