Nov 18, 2022
Nov 20, 2022

Once Upon El Barrio

Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company, a Peek @50

Conceived/Written/Choreographed/Directed by Enrique Cruz DeJesus, Artistic Director

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Once Upon El Barrio is inspired by the writings of Piri Thomas, author of Down These Mean Streets, Seven Long Time, and Savior, Savior, Hold My Hand. During his years of incarceration, a man reflects on what led him to drugs and the street life. Through these hardships and reflections, he comes to appreciate his full identity, family, and finds self-worth. In this story of resilience, redemption, and transformation, he finds beauty in the movements, sounds, and rhythms of his beloved Spanish Harlem.

Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company was formed in 1972 to provide a platform for dancers and choreographers of color. A creative venue for artists and haven for inner city youth serving thousands for decades, this is a 50th Anniversary celebration.

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