Feb 15, 2024
Feb 25, 2024


By Ivo Dimchev

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Recently The New York Times wrote, “Dimchev elicits a rare kind of trust as he cultivates a close-knit community with audiences.” Back from popular demand, Ivo Dimchev continues his exploration with audience engaged works in the second part of his residency at La MaMa. There is a moment when things you love doing become a nightmare. Later this very nightmare becomes an opening.” In his new work Ivo is revisiting some of his theatrical texts, songs and visual art to look for new ways of interplay between his main areas of artistic interest: METCH = Music, Exhibition, Texts, and Choreography

"Metch is a concert exhibition, an auction dance, an excessive production of paintings, an obsessive dialog with the audience and of course the songs...I know many people come to my shows because they love my songs. For good or for bad those people will need to experience or clash with my very complex and unpredictable relationship to theatre and contemporary art. La MaMa is a legendary place for experiments and very safe place to feel unsafe. So I’m happy to bring Metch to life exactly here and not somewhere else." —Ivo Dimchev

Ivo Dimchev is a choreographer, visual artist, singer-songwriter, and activist from Bulgaria now living in New York City.

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