Feb 1, 2024
Feb 23, 2024

Mashell Black: SOUL WORKS

Mashell Black
Curated by Alyssa Alexander

a black arrow pointing downward

As we embark on a new year, with the echoes of recent global events following in tow, Newark-based artist Mashell Black’s energetic painting practice employs empathy as a guiding medium. Processing a range of emotions across canvas and panel, Soul Works is a visual journey and reflection on the interconnectivity of human experience.

La MaMa Galleria


Founded in 1984, La Galleria is a nonprofit gallery committed to nurturing experimentation in the visual arts. La Galleria encourages an active dialogue between new media, performance, the plastic and visual arts, curatorial projects, and educational initiatives. It serves the East Village community by offering diverse programming to an inter-generational audience, and expanding the parameters of a traditional gallery space. As a non-profit, La Galleria is able to provide artists and curators with unique exhibition opportunities that are largely out of reach in a commercial gallery setting.

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