Apr 19, 2018
May 6, 2018


Written by Romana Soutus
Directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh

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In the era of #MeToo, Martyrs is where body is battleground and sisterhood offers shelter.

Martyrs is a convent slumber party turned upside down as tensions rise and relationships erupt. Cats and Kittens let you in on midnight whispers between sisters. Watch as the girls dance in milk and honey and crush cherries between their fingers. In search of purity, the women of Martyrs are forced to contend with their sensuality in the face of their insecurities. In the era of #MeToo, Martyrs is where the body is battleground and sisterhood offers shelter.

The project is developed, directed, designed, written and performed by an all-female team, creating a focused vision and providing a unique perspective that enhances the work and its difficult themes.

More information at martyrstheplay.com


Madison Fae* –  Shea Kelly* –  Kayla Jackmon –  Kimiye Corwin* –  Lexi Lapp*
Lindsay Rico* –  Amira Nader* –  Jenna Bosco –  Shelley Fort*

* appearing courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association

Associate Directed by Jordana De La Cruz
Lighting Design by Cecilia Durbin
Sound Design by Emily Auciello
Costume Design by Brooke Cohen Brown
Set Design by Carolyn Mraz
Projections Design by Lianne Arnold
Props Design by Marcs Goldberg
Stage Management by Pamela McCaddin
Production Management by Alaska Caleo

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“Soutus has hit upon something vital here, and the weird, visceral, female-infused magic Martyrs conjures is the sort of thing more theatre creators would do well to emulate.”Lisa Huberman, New York Theatre Review

“Romana Soutus entrances and terrifies, relishing in creating art from what most people would rather not think about.”

“Soutus’ material is a delicate balancing act between the genuinely intimate and intentionally shocking.”

“[Soutus] confronts the audience head-on with no constraints, and if that makes you feel odd, then good”

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