Nov 28, 2016

Poetry Electric: Make Him My Wife

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Make Him My Wife is a performance in two parts about identity and performing. The first is on trying to find your voice, the second on feeling like a fraud. It’s abstract; at times fun, at times sort’ve odd and opaque. To Make Her My Wife is to marry, to sleep with and to kill someone all at once; incompatible parts, simultaneously active. In Make Him My Wife two performer scientists (tsitneics remrofrep eno) study how unalike things happen and come together to create inexpressible (elbaffeni), unique wholes. They (s/he) setout to study the theatre, see if it can express the breadth of a moment, the thoughts in a glance, the deep and the shallow of identity. Ultimately, consumption, everything at once, nothing resolved, keep moving along.

Aron Canter is an actor and performance artist from San Francisco. He is an avid sports fan and an enthusiastic theater- goer.

Danielle Aziza is a performer from the much warmer Caribbean. She is a good energy giver and a lover of all things performance.

Poetry Electric


The Poetry Electric fuses music, movement, sound, and dance with the spoken word and presents artists working in a wide range of styles including beatboxing, jazz and hip-hop theatre. This series has presented over 200 emerging poets from diverse cultural backgrounds.

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