Mar 23, 2017
Apr 2, 2017

Terra dei Fuochi / Land of Fires

Directed and Choreographed by Bianca Falco (Napoli, Campania- NYC, USA)

Composed by Alberto Falco (Napoli, Campania) | World Premiere

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Terra dei Fuochi / Land of Fires is an environmental performance project blending modern dance, music and documentary theatre to tell the story of Campania Felix, an area in Italy north of Naples that suffered devastating loss of life due to a toxic waste disaster and scandal. Accompanying the performance will be panel discussions with local environmentalists regarding land and water contamination issues facing our global community.

To accompany the performance, a booth will provide information about the toxic waste afflicting Campania Felix and how this situation can be compared to others around the world.  We aim to provide further education in the increasing land and water contamination issues facing our global community.

Bianca Falco staged about thirty works in NYC, Canada and Europe. She graduated in Ballet, and studied Jazz Dance and diverse Modern Dance techniques. She came to NYC on scholarship at the Nikolais and Louis Dance Lab. Her early experiences in Europe include performing with Murray Louis and operating her own dance school. She received awards and special mentions for her video dance projects and as a choreographer for film and theater. Bianca seeks to explore connectivity: the interaction and ties people have with each other, other living creatures, objects, and their environment. She explores how the physicality of movement is challenged, modified, and transformed through response and engagement with outer phenomena. She is from Napoli, one of the most creative, and sometimes, challenging cities in the world. Through dance, she learned that she could transcend difficulties through translating it into modern dance. She hopes to lead everyone to a different perception, a different place, where limitations are beautiful and a key for people to get together and find solutions to social issues as well as personal ones.

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Terra Dei Fuochi / Land of Fires is a transformative 45 minutes. It will guide you to new introspection with its extremely heavy yet hopeful end.” – Ran Xia, Theatre Is Easy

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Choreographer Bianca Falco Aims to Raise Awareness of Italian Environmental Disaster

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