Jun 29, 2024
Jun 30, 2024

La MaMa Kids: Let's Plant Rice!

Created by Leah Ogawa and John Tsung

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Let’s Plant Rice! is an adventure story where the main character visits many different rice harvests and is told through puppetry, and interactive miniature/life-size sets. It is inspired by traditional Japanese customs and rituals.  Come join us on this amazing journey through time!

Leah Ogawa and John Tsung are multidisciplinary artists creating work based in memory, myth, and Asian American culture across different mediums.

Leah Ogawa is an installation artist and puppeteer based in New York City. Raised in Yamanashi, Japan, Leah has worked with puppeteers, artists, and companies including The Metropolitan Opera, La MaMa, Dmitry Krymov, Phantom Limb, Dan Hurlin, Tom Lee, Nami Yamamoto, Loco7, and others. She has performed across the US as well as at the Quay Branly in Paris and across Asia. Leah is a recipient of the Jim Henson Foundation’s workshop grant for her original piece, Growing Not Dying. Her recent work, Divine Generations with co-creator John Tsung, has been featured in the New York Times. Follow her on Instagram @leahogawa

John Tsung is an interdisciplinary artist, composer, musician, and writer whose works address sound, memory, and the transnational experience. He often collaborates in theater, film, and public art. His works, songs, scores, and installations have been shown and performed internationally. John has been featured on NPR’s Texas Standards, Interview Magazine, The Daily Beast, among others. He recently released his new album “Empire Postcards.” For more information follow and @johntsungmusic on Instagram.

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