Apr 18, 2015

Kids Workshop: Arts and Science – Coral Reefs

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With Andrea Pereira & Julia Dobner-Pereira

Be a hero and learn what you can do to protect our ocean friends!  Much attention is given to the relationship between human activity and climate change.  However our high carbon footprint­ is also lowering the pH of sea water.  This is resulting in the slow demise of the coral reefs and the wonderfully diverse forms of life found there.­­  To help conceptualize the relationship between human activity and coral reef health, children will role play the different elements of the coral reef ecosystem.  Then they will then set up an experiment to test the effects of marine life photosynthesis on ocean acidification.

Andrea Pereira is a Biotechnology instructor at Worcester Technical High School. Prior to teaching, she conducted research on the genetics of cell division. She received a PhD in Biology from Brandeis University and a Masters in the Art of Teaching from Clark University in Worcester. Her curriculum includes the reasons and potential biotechnology solutions for climate change and ocean acidification.

Her daughter Julia Dobner-Pereira is a performer, arts educator, and a dedicated member of the La MaMa team. She received her BA from Smith College, where she trained in classical voice. Julia performs regularly in New York with Yara Arts Group and Pioneers Go East Collective.

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