Jun 6, 2015

Kids Performance: Adventures of Seucy and Boto – Episode 3

Conceived, Choreographed & Designed by Federico Restrepo

Written & Directed by Federico Restrepo & Denise Greber

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with Loco7 Dance Puppet Theatre Company

Join us for the 3rd episode of Seucy and Boto: Adventures From The Amazon Jungle!  We continue to follow Seucy, who along with the help of her friends Boto, half-boy/half-dolphin, Itzpapalotl, Sasha, Ceneotl, Pachamama the Shaman and Uakiti the Warrior protect the plants and inhabitants of the rain forest from someone who is capturing the animals of the jungle and selling them to the highest bidder!

Loco7 is well-known for its productions that blend rhythmic music, live musicians, dancers body puppets and larger-than-life marionettes, having premiered 13 original pieces at La MaMa that have subsequently travelled globally, as well.  Mr. Restrepo has performed with La MaMa’s celebrated Great Jones Repertory under the direction of the late Ellen Stewart in productions such as THE RAVEN, PERSEUS, ANTIGONE and SEVEN AGAINST THEBES.  Ms. Greber is an artist-in-residence at La MaMa and has also appeared in numerous productions with Great Jones Repertory, as well as in productions at Ontological Theatre, Ohio and HERE.  She is the Director and Curator of La MaMa’s Puppet Series.

Federico Restrepo was born in Colombia and founded his company, Loco7 Dance Puppet Theatre, at La MaMa in 1986 to expand the use of puppetry in dance theatre.

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