Apr 4, 2015

Kids Performance: Adventures of Seucy and Boto – Episode 2

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with Loco7 Dance Puppet Theatre Company

Conceived, Choreographed & Designed by Federico RestrepoWritten & Directed by Federico Restrepo & Denise Greber

SEUCY AND BOTO:ADVENTURES FROM THE AMAZON JUNGLE is an episodic series for kids about the adventures of Seucy, a brave little girl who battles any obstacle in order to keep the Amazon Jungle safe!

In Episode 2, Seucy, and her half-boy/half-dolphin pal Boto, unite with other amazing friends like Itzpapalotl the Butterfly, Sasha the Anaconda, Ceneotl the Frog, and Pachamama the Shaman. Together they battle Yacu the evil River Monster and do what ever it takes to stop him from destroying the waters and all the creatures that live there. Ages 4 and up!

DON’T MISS EPISODES 3 of Seucy and Boto’s Adventures!
— June 6 at 11am —

La MaMa Kids


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