Feb 8, 2018
Feb 25, 2018

It’s All True

By Object Collection
Written and Directed by Kara Feely
Composed by Travis Just

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It’s All True is an opera-in-suspension based on the complete live archives of iconic underground band Fugazi. An obsessive leap into 1500 hours of gig detritus made from only incidental text and sounds, none of Fugazi’s actual songs. An ear-body-and-mind-flossing: overloaded, maddening, properly funny, and a radical incitement to action.

Commissioned by Borealis – a festival for experimental music. Presented in collaboration with Bergen National Opera. Composition commission with the support by Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.


Written and Directed by Kara Feely
Composed by Travis Just
Scenic Design and Lighting by Peter Ksander
Sound Design by Philip White
Stage Managed by Liz Nielsen

Catrin Lloyd-Bollard, Avi Glickstein, Daniel Allen Nelson, Deborah Wallace

Dither Guitar Quartet:
Taylor Levine, Joshua Lopes, James Moore, Brendon Randall-Myers

Drums: Shayna Dunkelman & Clara Warnaar


Object Collection was founded in 2004 by writer/director Kara Feely and composer/musician Travis Just. Based in Brooklyn, the group operates within the intersecting practices of performance, experimental music, and theater.

More info: www.objectcollection.us

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“none of Fugazi’s songs actually appear in It’s All True, meaning that the band thankfully won’t be having its Mamma Mia! or American Idiot moment. Instead, Object Collection’s composer Travis Just and writer/director Kara Feely pulled their material solely from stage banter, feedback, guitar re-stringing, and confrontations between Picciotto, MacKaye, and their audiences—a bewildering mix of incidental and interstitial moments that suggest every performance is in a perpetual state of collapse.” – Andy Beta, Pitchfork

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This is Happening: See the Fugazi Opera That ‘Utterly Stupefied’ the Band

“All of us were both blown away and disoriented by the work – it was well beyond anything we had anticipated”
-Guy Picciotto, Fugazi

| Click to read the full statement from Fugazi |

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“One of the most confronting and exhilarating things I’ve seen.”
– BBC Radio

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“ferocious in scope”
– The Guardian

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“pretty life-changing”
– The Spectator (UK)

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