Mar 8, 2022

International Woman's Day 2022

La MaMa ETC in association with ArtWorld Studio Productions presents

International Woman's Day

With Special Guest Artists from Canada, USA, Italy, Denmark, France

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La MaMa Experimental Theater Club in association with ArtWorld Studio Productions is pleased to announce the second annual International Woman’s Day 2022 event. This multi-art event will showcase world music, song, dance, poetry, storytelling and visual arts, tradition, and myth, and will host internationally renowned guest artists, from around the world celebrating international woman’s day together. What better place to celebrate women than at Ellen Stewart’s La Mama Experimental Theatre Club. Ellen Stewart: one of the strongest, most powerful, generous, creative force I am very honoured to have known and be nurtured by. She welcomed us into an international world of artists and like many artists from around the world, we were welcomed into her world, home to artists from around the world.

This International Woman's Day Event features prominent, internationally acclaimed musicians such as rom Italy guitarist/ composer/teacher Leopoldo Calabria and accordion/ trumpet player Umberto Ugoberti; I Cantori di Carpino (original Serenade Cantors) with Nicola Gentile and Rosa Menonna; playing ancient rhythmic music is acclaimed Percussionist Walter Vivarelli, vocals, Rocco Zambrano, Gioacchino Acierno, dancer Selena Sacco, Ludovica Festa; showcased in her her workshop is liutista Rosalba De Bonis, filmed by French journalist Camille Jayr, toy the music and voice of singer songwriter Cataldo Perri, as he plays the intriguing Calabrian beating guitar “chitarra battente; from Canada: Dancer, Mia Buffone, artist director, choreographer, vocalist Marisa Buffone; dancer, choreographer Jill Amantea, multi-facet-artist, dancer, choreographer, thespian, creative force Peter Jarvis; videographer Greg Hayes; dancer, performer Jackie English; award-winning author of 8 books of poetry, a children’s book and a collection of short fiction Gianna Patriarca; poet/artist/writer/ award winning author included in several anthologies actress, dancer, choreographer, director, filmmaker and performer Jackie English.

From USA: Phillipine-American Choreographer/Dancer Artistic Director Potri Ranka Manis; Maureen Fleming: renowned for her original form of visual theater realized through choreography for photography, video, and live performance.

From Denmark, the musical duo Danish-Greenlandic musician/composer/actor Aviaia Lumholt and musician/actor Igor Rado (thank you Annette Mikkelsen).

Through years of anthropological research, Marisa Buffone has brought to Canada the music of her ancestors and the strong chest - level - singing voices of her ancestor women. “I found my voice and my purpose in the voices, stories, legacies and struggles of the women who sang and danced to these songs to overcome the predicament of their time”.

Donna Sabella, Lu Rusciu de lu Mare, Menamenamo, la pizzica tarantata, ritornello del Vomerò, Ferma Zitella are a few of the many songs, texts, interviews, books and stories of travels that Were brought to Canada by the anthropological work of Marisa Buffone and which premiered in Canada and New York by Our company: ArtWorldStudioProductions.

In 2007 ArtWorld Studio Productions and La Mama ETC produced the musical drama Tarantella. It premiered in Toronto and in New York at La Mama E.T.C.and later as a Cabaret and Concert in many Festivals such as Toronto's Luminato Festival , La Mama Open 2011 in Spoleto, Italy and in numerous other Festivals in Toronto, NY and in the open piazzas of Italy.

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