Dec 14, 2023
Jan 6, 2024

HOMECOMING: The Family Show

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HOMECOMING brings together a diverse collection of artworks that explore the essence of returning home and the emotional journey it entails. Coming back home typically refers to returning to the place where one feels a sense of belonging, comfort, and familiarity. To come back home can evoke a sense of reconnection, safety, and a return to a supportive environment. It is a place where individuals can be themselves, and find solace, even after being away for a period of time, it encompasses a sense of conversancy with that place.

The Family Show is a longstanding annual tradition within La MaMa. Friends and family of La MaMa are invited to submit one piece each. Every work is accepted and shown as a celebration of the community. 


“Intent to Exhibit” email is due by: Thursday, December 8
Ready to hang art drop off: Monday, December 11 from 3–9PM  
Opening Reception and Holiday Party is: Thursday, December 14 from 6-8PM
Pick-up for work is: Friday, January 5 from 8:15-9PM or Saturday, January 6 from 1-7PM

**Ready to hang indicates that all artwork are properly framed, with the necessary hooks and wiring for easy handling for our galleria staff.

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Founded in 1984, La Galleria is a nonprofit gallery committed to nurturing experimentation in the visual arts. La Galleria encourages an active dialogue between new media, performance, the plastic and visual arts, curatorial projects, and educational initiatives. It serves the East Village community by offering diverse programming to an inter-generational audience, and expanding the parameters of a traditional gallery space. As a non-profit, La Galleria is able to provide artists and curators with unique exhibition opportunities that are largely out of reach in a commercial gallery setting.

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