Nov 26, 2021
Dec 12, 2021

GIMME FIVE MINUTES: Daniel Root's Production Stills (1984–2005)

Curated by Jason Trucco

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GIMME FIVE MINUTES: Daniel Root’s Production Stills (1984-2005) includes more than 300 prints of Root’s photographs, featuring an impressive cast of pop culture icons illuminating the downtown ethos. The images impress that production stills and quick portraits are in their own right a separate and unique art form. In addition, the exhibition will be supported by archival material from the artist’s collection, including professional artifacts, ephemera, CRT video installation, and live performances.

Writing about Daniel’s work David Jager states “Arriving on music video sets, TV stages, in studios and magazine offices during productions and appearances in 1980s New York City, a young production stills photographer on assignment, Daniel Root, was hurried. The lead times of music magazines, before Insta-fame era, set a hard deadline and the process of image-making required a linear process of shooting, developing negatives and contact sheets in a dark room lab, selecting, printing, and delivering finished images to clients. Nonetheless, for those few minutes that Root consulted quickly with his subjects and then grabbed whatever was on hand for a makeshift shoot, Root needed to be at ease, to put his subject at ease, to listen, and to connect to people whom themselves were under epic pressures on their time and abilities. Five magic minutes was often all that they had to be creative.”

Performance: “Mirrors [Reflective View]” by Helixx C. Armageddon, Silver Relics, and Augusto Machado

Friday, 11/26 at 6pm
Sunday, 12/12 at 6pm

Performance description: We don’t value time, but pictures do. Time travel is real. As we travel through time, what do we keep? What do we throw away? This five act Rock and Roll/Spoken word performance is a representation of the five minute photography style of Daniel Root. During this performance you’ll follow a typical band’s experience as they discover the value of their own time when Daniel Root captures their presence in the blink of an eye. 

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