Jul 30, 2020

La MaMa Kids Online: Geppetto: Extraordinary Extremities

“It’s romantic in an old-fashioned way…lovely music…Carlo Adinolfi’s performance is charming.”
– The New Yorker

La MaMa in association with Concrete Temple Theatre
and Bridge Street Theatre presents Geppetto: Extraordinary Extremities

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La MaMa in association with Concrete Temple Theatre
and Bridge Street Theatre presents Geppetto: Extraordinary Extremities

Geppetto: Extraordinary Extremities is a tale of resilience, adaptation and ingenuity that tells the story of puppet-maker Geppetto, who is attempting to perform — all by himself for the first time ever — the grand mythical love story of Perseus, who slays a sea monster to save his beloved Andromeda. During the show things begin to go haywire, and Geppetto finds himself desperately improvising to overcome the challenges of performing solo while at the same time scrambling to devise new story lines, new characters, and even new limbs.

Geppetto: Extraordinary Extremities was inspired by a NPR story on Hugh Herr, whose legs were amputated after a climbing accident and who now designs technologically advanced artificial limbs.

“The play focuses on a longing for magic, a wish for a transformative power…A compelling performance, enhanced by haunting cello music… It celebrates human ingenuity.”
– The New York Times

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“Timed for after school viewing!”

Special thanks for Bridge Street Theatre in Catskill, NY for use of their theatre for the day for the live streaming.

Special thanks to The Jim Henson Foundation for supporting our online puppetry programming.

Performed by: Carlo Adinolfi

Written and Directed by: Renee Philippi

Original Music by: Lewis Flinn

Set & Puppet Design: Carlo Adinolfi

Cellist: Masha Zabara

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La MaMa Kids


La MaMa Kids Online presents kids performances and hands-on workshops online, timed especially for “after school” viewing! La MaMa will continue to use emerging technologies to create a new venue for artistic expression that questions how art can function and how we as a society can survive challenging periods of history.

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Presented by La MaMa and CultureHub, La MaMa is exploring ways to respond creatively to a situation that is potentially changing how we gather as a community in our theatres. La MaMa is working with CultureHub to provide online streaming of select productions and events on Howlround Theatre Commons.

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