Dec 7, 2017
Dec 17, 2017

Gemini Stars/Scorpio Stars

World Premiere
Written and Directed by Gian Marco Lo Forte
A Pioneers Go East Collective Project

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Set during a holiday party in a Brooklyn apartment, GEMINI STARS / SCORPIO STARS is a music-theatre work inspired by stories of LGBTQ vloggers coming out and self-identifying to the world on YouTube, juxtaposed with stories of exclusion and violence IRL. Over the course of the Christmas party, a group of artists share psychological and emotionally intimate experiences. It is a funny and touching performance about Realvlogs love, self-identity, and self-defense while reflecting on what the community has achieved (or hasn’t) using social media. This close-knit group of diverse friends have found each other and have chosen spend Christmas together. Like all good parties, this festive gathering is ultimately a safe space to share, and simply be.

Gemini Stars / Scorpio Stars features stories written and performed by Daniel Diaz, Jess Barbagallo, Fleur Voorn, Michaela Reggio, Niko Tsocanos and Ryan Leach. Video vlogs feature stories performed by Julia Dobner-Pereira, Chloe Li Piazza, G.J. Dowding and Shane O’Neill.
Special musical guest Ombro de Oro.

Design team includes Jon Burklund (video design), Philip Trevino (lighting design), Hao Bai (sound design), Daniel Diaz (prop design), Ryan Downey (assistant director/stage manager) and Ombro de Oro (original songs).
Ron Lasko – Spin Cycle Press Agent

Photos by Theo Cote

Pioneers Go East Collective creates music-performance that merge storytelling and video documentary. The collective explores stories that are not usually investigated and which reflect social-political vulnerabilities and otherness.

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