Jun 1, 2023
Jun 3, 2023

Fractals of Prometheus: Unity of Images

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Fractals of Prometheus | A Unity of Images is an interactive livestream experiment that travels through La MaMa’s newly renovated 74A building and uses its extensive data network to break past the four walls of the theatre. A group of writers, performers, musicians, and technologists create fractals of the myth of Prometheus, exploring themes of regret, resistance, and ritual, to collectively form a unity of images.

Sliding scale tickets are available to experience the work-in-progress as a livestream with custom-built interactions that will influence the trajectory of the performance. A small number of in-person tickets are available at $10 for a behind the scenes experience.

This event is part of Experiments in Digital Storytelling 2023, a series of explorations and experiments in digital storytelling in La MaMa’s newly renovated building at 74A East 4th Street.

To watch the livestream from home, you must buy a ticket (link) to receive a streaming link that gives you access to the website where the performance will take place. This custom-built website expands the possibilities of livestreaming beyond simple video players and allows you to see hand-illustrated animations from Sasa Yung and interact with the performance in real-time.

The extensive data network lets us stream from 9 distinct locations within the building, from the dressing room, stairwells, the lobby, the theater, and even the fire escape.

Illustration by Sasa Yung



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