Apr 7, 2023
Apr 9, 2023

T.I.T.S.: Forced Beauty


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Forced Beauty by T.I.T.S. is an audiovisual physical performance about power structures, violent aesthetics, and the strangeness of empathy. The work takes a close look at the phenomenon of aestheticizing violence in media and the constant hate comments and threat toward women on the internet. Here, T.I.T.S. confronts their fascination with unrestrained expressions of violence with an exploration of mirror neurons and the audience's ability to experience physical empathy. The work incorporates a subtle soundtrack, a video, and a dense atmospheric performance that targets all the senses.

Photo by Jan Husták

Performed by Nela H. Kornetová and Lærke Grøntved

T.I.T.S. is an independent performance group that explores the possibilities of hybrid theater forms, blending choreography and body physicality, play, sound, and visual imagery, centered around themes that audiences from all walks of life can relate to instinctively. Artistic leader Nela H. Kornetová (CZ/NO) initiates and produces the projects with an international team of collaborators. Choreography, performers: Nela H. Kornetová & Lærke Grøntved (DK/NO)/, Scenography, light design: Ann Sofie Godø (NO) & Heidi Dalene (NO) / Sound design: Jonas Qvale (NO)/ Video design: Jan Hajdelak Husták (CZ/NO)

Nela H. Kornetová is an independent performance maker and performer based in Norway. She works with themes that the audience can relate to instinctively, aiming to create atmospheric performances that explore the borderlines of live art forms using the body, visuals, and sound. As a member and artistic leader of the independent group  T.I.T.S., Kornetová initiated, created, performed and produced Trumpets in the Sky, a black-box-specific performance about the anticipation of apocalypse as a metaphor for anxiety in 2013; My Own Private Picture (2015), a multimedia performance about (porno)media and our desires; Forced Beauty (2016), an audiovisual dance performance about power structures and our fascination with violence; Mine (2017), a physical operetta about the human sense of possessing; Cult of Busy (2018), an audiovisual physical performance about a fictional religious community praising busy-ness; un:tit:led (2018), an audiovisual performative installation dealing with uncertainty and lack of predictability in our lives; Tumor: Carcinogenic Romance (2019), an audiovisual performance about the search for love and peace with deadly disease; Badman (2020), an audiovisual physical performance about masculinity and its power, reclaimed and twisted by a single female performer; and the hypnotic dance performance Dreamers (2021), dealing with the digestion of reality in dreams. These performances by T.I.T.S. have toured around Norway, Denmark, Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czechia, and South Korea. After graduating from JAMU (Czech Republic, 2010) and the Norwegian Theatre Academy (2013), Kornetová received a DanceWEB scholarship for Impulstanz in Vienna (Austria, 2014). She was awarded a Working grant for Emerging Artists by the Norwegian Arts Council (2020–2021), and the Thalie Award for Best Actor in Alternative Theatre for her performance in Badman (2022).

Forced Beauty is made possible by the Norwegian Consulate.

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