Jan 26, 2023
Jan 28, 2023

Fedeli d'Amore (Love's faithful)

a polyptych in seven panels for Dante Alighieri

By Marco Martinelli, Ermanna Montanari/Teatro delle Albe

a black arrow pointing downward

Fedeli d’Amore (Love's faithful) is the new stage poem by Marco Martinelli focused on the exceptional vocal research of Ermanna Montanari (awarded “2018 best Italian actress” for this performance). The text revolving around Dante and our own present times, has been selected by Italian and American Playwright Project and published by PAJ Publications. In a scene generated by a vocal, sonorous, visual, and dramaturgical alchemy able to bind together the psyche and the world, Dante is invoked while embracing a single salvation: Love is what makes us rebel, it is the force that liberates and elevates.

I FOUND MYSELF from the Dark Wood to Paradise
a choral action directed by Marco Martinelli / Teatro delle Albe

A “public summons” for people of every age. Dante’s Divine Comedy begins with an “I” who is lost in a “dark wood” which is not simply a forest at night, but a wilderness of all fear, all anguish, all failure. It takes courage to admit you’ve lost your way, but that courage will guide us into the light. Marco Martinelli, seven-time winner of the Ubu Prize (one of the most important awards for Italian theatre) as playwright, director, and teacher, will work with participants on the first two cantos of the Inferno which describe Dante lost in the woods, his anguish, and his courage to wield a poetry of hope to overcome that fear: a poetry that becomes a saving gift for us all. The current century and the one before have specialized in Infernos with no way out. But no matter how evil grabs us by the throat, we find the means to rise again. We know the stars point us to our destiny.

It is precisely there in the dark, when the curtain seems to have come down forever, that we find the strength for an incredible leap into the Good. The poet whispers in our ear, “the good that I found there,” from pitch darkness we set out on our journey to the light. Paradise is already here; in the first step we take away from despair.

Workshop Schedule
January, 25, 2023 from 4-6 pm at La MaMa Great Jones Studios
January 27, 2023 from 4-6 pm at La MaMa Great Jones Studios
January 29, 2023 from 12-3 pm at La MaMa ETC Downstairs Theater
The final performance of the workshop is open to the public and will be held at La MaMa ETC
Downstairs Theater on Jan. 29th at 4 pm.
To register, please complete this form before January 18, 2023.

The workshop is free, no theatre experience is required. There will be no auditions. Registration is first-come-first-served. The workshop requires participation over three days, with no absences.

For more information please email ifoundmyselfworkshop@gmail.com .

Ermanna Montanari (actress, author and set designer) and Marco Martinelli (playwright and director) founded the Teatro delle Albe (1983) and share its artistic direction. For her original itinerary of vocal research, Ermanna Montanari has received acknowledgements in Italy and all over the world. She’s the founder and director of MALAGOLA, international center for voice studies, based in Ravenna. Marco Martinelli’s texts have been published and staged in 10 languages, and he has been awarded with several prizes in Italy and all over the world. He is founder of the Teatro delle Albe’s non-school, a theatre-educational practice with adolescents, which has become a focal point for many scholars and which Martinelli has taken all over Italy and the world.

fedeli d'amore, polittico in sette quadri per Dante Alighieri is presented in the USA with the support of Ministero della Cultura and Ministero degli Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale, Italian Cultural Institute in  New York, ATER Fondazione, Regione Emilia – Romagna, Teatro delle Albe/Ravenna Teatro; in collaboration with Consolato Generale d'Italia in New York, Com.It.Es, Italian and American Playwrights Project and Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimò NYU.

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