Feb 20, 2023

Experiments: s1l3nc10

By composer & performer Tareke Ortiz

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Please join Tareke Ortiz and the Great Jones Repertory in an open rehearsal as we explore:

Can we decolonize Humanism?
What would be the ritual to rescue somebody's soul if trapped inside of a computer?

Image Credit: Sasa Yung


Formed in Composition and Ethnomusicology at the Nacional School of Music, UNAM, Mexico, his musical influences come from Latin American music, political theater and his classical, contemporary training.

His work has been part of several international art venues and festivals around the world: Stratford Festival in Canada, La Corriente in Nicaragua, Fringe Arts in Philadelphia, Kimmel Center, Les Couleurs du Mond in Amiens France, Snaskrit Institute in India, Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoletto Italy, Festival Celebrate Mexico Now in New York, Cumbre Tajín in Veracruz Mexico, Contemporary Scene Festival in the Arts Circle in Madrid, Arts Arcade in New Zealand, The Kitchen, Joe’s Pub, Pangea, La MaMa etc. where he has been a resident artist for more than 20 years and Lincoln Center among other places in New York, The Gate Theatre and the Tate Britain Gallery in London, Outburst Queer art Festival Belfast etc. Has worked as a composer with several directors from various geographies and genres like Jose Antonio Alcaraz, Marta Luna, Jose Antonio Cordero, Sebastián Sanchez Amunategui, David Pilot, Federico Restrepo, Dan Rothenberg, John Jarboe, Andrea Paciotto, Charlotte Brathwaite, Peter Sellars etc.

Linguistic rights, queer narrative, violence prevention and creation of intercultural technologies of work, indigenous communities of Mexico and the immigrant population in the US, creative and cultural management are some of his main focuses. He is currently a member of the National System of Art Creators: SNCA, and Board Director of the System of Support for the Arts and Cultural Programs of México’s Ministry of Culture.

Experiments Play Reading Series


For the 23rd season of La MaMa Experiments we will focus on theatrical works in progress addressing mental health issues. No one is more familiar with the need to create greater access to mental healthcare than our New York audience, who come face to face with this crisis on a daily basis. After 3 years of a global pandemic, all of us are feeling the upsurge of anxiety and depression, but these trends have been on the rise long before Covid-19. The works this season shed light on important, personal stories and deal with this subject matter in many different and unique ways. From tongue in cheek comedies to absurdist tragedies, Experiments hopes to create a season that will destigmaify, enlighten and, yes, even entertain.

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