Apr 11, 2022

Experiments: Motion

Dimitrije Kokanov

Cast: Nicky Paraiso, Jay DeYonker, Niccolò Walsh, Masha Dakic, and Mattie Barber-Bockelman

Series Director: Matt Nasser

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Structured with six monologues, Motion is a text about the body, a text about text itself, and most of all, a text that contributes to developing a posthumanist approach to a contemporary theatre play in terms of  spoken word. The first three monologues are speeches by cis male subjects in a patriarchal society. These are followed by political speeches for female performers pertaining to the spaces: Garden and Factory.  Who is in the position to speak, and how do we define seeking subjects in performances? Can these spaces have their own voice materialized by human language?

Portrait of Dimitrije Kokanov wearing glasses and a black coat

Dimitrije Kokanov (1986),is a playwright, theatre and performance art dramaturg, screenwriter for film and TV. He also works for radio as a writer and director. He is a full-time  dramaturg in Theatre Atelje 212 in Belgrade. He has won several awards: "Borislav Mihailović Mihiz"(2017) biggest prize for playwriting in Serbia; and the most important award for contemporary plays in Serbia "Steria award" for his drama Motion (2020).

Cast: Nicky Paraiso, Jay DeYonker, Niccolò Walsh, Masha Dakic, and Mattie Barber-Bockelman

Experiments Play Reading Series


For the 23rd season of La MaMa Experiments we will focus on theatrical works in progress addressing mental health issues. No one is more familiar with the need to create greater access to mental healthcare than our New York audience, who come face to face with this crisis on a daily basis. After 3 years of a global pandemic, all of us are feeling the upsurge of anxiety and depression, but these trends have been on the rise long before Covid-19. The works this season shed light on important, personal stories and deal with this subject matter in many different and unique ways. From tongue in cheek comedies to absurdist tragedies, Experiments hopes to create a season that will destigmaify, enlighten and, yes, even entertain.

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