Apr 30, 2022
May 2, 2022

Valetango Company: Confianza (Trust)

Valetango Company

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In Confianza, four performers investigate how to listen deeply and open a door to transformation. They ask when trust is a burden and when a gift, when well grounded and when elusive and if it’s possible to love powerfully without compromising one’s own center. Confianza, which means trust in Spanish, highlights tango’s main legacy: the radical lead-follow interdependency, and expands it beyond embrace. In tango, even the smallest shift of weight is a step. There are no set counts and no set patterns. There is only a communication of weight, direction, intensity, and timing. The company translates tango improvisation to a broad dance vocabulary while investigating the fragile balance of trust and distrust negotiated in ambivalent relationships and exploring the impact of trust as a source of meaning and growth.

Header photo of Valeria Solomonoff and Rodney Hamilton by David Watts Jr.
Photo of Rodney Hamilton and Orlando Reyes Ibarra by Laurence Jaillet
Photo of Valeria Solomonoff and Orlando Reyes Ibarra by Sue Murad

Conceived and Created by Valeria Solomonoff
Collaboratively Choreographed by Performers Rodney Hamilton, Orlando Reyes Ibarra, and Valeria Solomonoff
Dramatic Direction, Stage Design, and Text by Orlando Paboto
Girl Alondra Meek
Lighting Design Charlotte Seeling
Costume Design Gail Baldoni

Sound Design Daniel Guglielmi, Understudy Chelzea Retzloff, Stage Manager Valeria Llaneza, Marketing Laura Peralta, Development Consultant Megan Kendzior, and Video Editor Manu Pereyra Iraola


Valeria Solomonoff was born in Argentina and is based in New York City. She is an innovator who uses her tango roots to reimagine new possibilities of partnering. She has choreographed for Broadway, films, plays and circus. Solomonoff was Resident Fellow at Center for Ballet and The Arts, NYU, and is a Research Associate at Partnering Lab, Harvard University. She co-choreographed New York City Center’s 2019 production of the musical Evita. With her company Valetango she received two ACE Awards for Tango por Ello, two HOLA Awards Tango Fever and Doña Flor y Sus Dos Maridos, and received two ACE nominations for Tango Intimo. Solomonoff was the founder and co-director of TangoMujer, the first all-female tango ensemble worldwide and performed for the president of Argentina at the Metropolitan Opera House and with Placido Domingo at D.A.R. Constitution Hall. She is a Tango Professor at NYU Tisch, New Studio on Broadway, the founder of Broadway Tango and she received the inaugural Lucy Bowen Award for Inclusive Choreography to create a piece for the Mark Morris Dance for PD Program in 2022.

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