May 31, 2015

Coffeehouse #120: Judith Malina

Series Director – Michal Gamily
Educational Outreach – Arthur Adair

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Judith Malina is an actress, writer, director, and co-founder of the Living Theater. Founded in 1947 as an imaginative alternative to the commercial theater by Judith Malina, the German-born student of Erwin Piscator, and Julian Beck, an abstract expressionist painter of the New York School, The Living Theatre has staged nearly a hundred productions performed in eight languages in 28 countries on five continents – a unique body of work that has influenced theater the world over. A life long pacifist, anti death penalty activist and self-described leader of “the beautiful non-violent anarchist revolution”, Judith Malina’s work has continually challenged the forms, content and style of the theatre and its relationship to and with the audience.

Panel: Evangeline Morphos (moderator) | George Bartenieff | Karen Malpede | Cindy Rosenthal |
| Tom Walker | Penny Arcade | Mark Hall Amitin |


– Excerpts from Judith Malina’s play No Place to Hide / performed the Living Theatre Ensemble

– Excerpts from Julian Beck’s book The Life of the the Theatre / performed by alumni of Hostra University

– Songs from Judith Malina’s plays The History of the World (music by Sheila Dabney) and Korach (music by Steve Taylor) / performed by Thomas Walker

– Reading by Judith Malina

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