Jul 20, 2021

CLUB DADA (in difficult times) - ONLINE

CLUB DADA (in difficult times)

Created by Ellen Foley & Robert I Rubinsky

a black arrow pointing downward

Two ancient vaudevillians are forced to keep performing FOREVER, driven by outside forces and their own egos….

Tonight we visit the creators/performers/prisoners of ClubDada:   ELLEN FOLEY & ROBERT I RUBINSKY!   With over 300 years of professional experiencebetween them, including Ellen’s turn as “Stop Right There” on the gazillion-selling ‘Paradise By the Dashboard Light’, and Robert’s original cast turn in ‘Hair’, and ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ -they returned to LaMama in March 2020 to set their sights on the world of the surreal.  Little did they know how surreal it would get…

Created by Ellen Foley & Robert I Rubinsky

Written by Robert I Rubinsky

Cast: Ellen Foley & Robert I Rubinsky

Voice of the Universe: Jonathan Freeman

Orchestrations: Charly Roth

Director: Tom Aulino

Choreographer: Robin Carrigan

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