Mar 6, 2020
Mar 7, 2020

Club Dada (in difficult times)

Created by Ellen Foley & Robert I Rubinsky

a black arrow pointing downward

Two ancient vaudevillians hang in a surreal Dada world, somewhere outside time and space.  A duo lost, trapped by memories of past glory and by outside forces, they keep on belting out tunes and hoofing into eternity. This is CLUB DADA.

“I love it, you’ll love it - but it’s not Shakespeare”
- William Shakespeare

“Best thing since Andalusian Dog”
- Man Ray

“I think it really good”
- Jill Williams (Ellen Foley’s sister)


Created by Ellen Foley & Robert I Rubinsky
Cast: Ellen Foley & Robert I Rubinsky
Orchestrations: Charly Roth
Director: Tom Aulino
Choreographer: Robin Carrigan
Producer: Amy Krakow
Original songs by Doug Bernstein, Charly Roth, Ric Stanley & Robert I Rubinsky

ELLEN FOLEY & ROBERT I RUBINSKY are Club Dada. With over 300 years of professional experience between them, ‘Paradise By the Dashboard Light’, original cast ‘Hair’, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, ‘Tootsie’-they now set their sights on the world of the surreal.

Ellen Foley has been in some form of show business longer than she can remember. The thing that never dies, and she’s glad of it, is Paradise by the Dashboard Light with Meat Loaf. Through it she remains a horny teenager forever. And in no particular order, there is - Night Court, Ian Hunter, creates the Witch in Sondheim’s Into the Woods, the Clash, One Life to Live. Fatal Attraction, Hair, Blue Oyster Cult, Tootsie, hausfrau, Pandoras Box, Married to the Mob, etc, etc. “Get the picture”? “Yes, we see”

Robert I Rubinsky (aka Robert I) is best known for being in the Original Broadway cast of Hair, and on the No.1 selling album (for which he made $315.). He survived the 60’s, Studio 54, 9 months and 14 days in LA. and several decades on the Downtown ‘scene’.. Beside Hair, he was Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar, co-wrote the cult musical Dementos with Marc Shaiman and in this century he was Bobby the Middle Aged Celebrity, his late night off Bway tell all.

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